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Commercial Properties

Commercial Real Estate for Sale in PA and NJ

bucks county commercial realty

are mixed use properties hard to sell

If you are looking to buy or sell commercial real estate properties in Robbinsville, NJ, or the surrounding New Jersey and Pennsylvania areas, you’ve come to the right place. For years, Sharif Hatab and Thomas Friedman have been assisting buyers in the buying and selling of commercial properties. Whether it is existing executive buildings, new construction, or lots of land, the team works hard to find the best piece of property for you. 

Commercial Real Estate for Sale

What is a Commercial Property?

are mixed use properties hard to sell

Commercial properties may be any of the following:

-Apartment buildings
-Industrial buildings
-Office buildings
-Retail buildings

There are also “mixed-use” buildings, where the property may have a mix, such as retail, office, and apartments.

Why You Should Invest in Commercial Real Estate

bucks county commercial realty

real estate investors mixed use developments mixed use real estate residential tenants investing in mixed use property walking distance retail spaces long term residential units

For those looking for an investment property in Bucks County, PA, or Mercer County, NJ, commercial real estate may be a good option. Here are a few reasons to invest in commercial properties.

Income Stream

are mixed use properties hard to sell

Commercial properties are a good stream of income due to leases. The earning potential tends to be higher than if you were to invest in a residential property. This is because with a commercial building, you can have multiple leases at once compared to the 1-3 leases you might be able to leverage with a residential property.

Commercial tenants also tend to stay for longer durations, meaning you’ll have a clear idea of how much income will be coming in on a monthly/yearly basis. Of course, this depends on the type of commercial building you own.

Overall Value

Commercial real estate in New Jersey and Pennsylvania tends to appreciate quicker than other types of investment properties.

Even if your tenants don’t work out, your commercial property still holds significant value. It can be seen as a more stable investment choice than the stock market. 

In addition to the pros listed above, when you buy commercial real estate, you will likely feel a sense of pride. One reason is that you will be able to see the positive impact that your property has on the surrounding community, as well as the overall economy. 

Reasons to Hire a Realtor for Commercial Properties

Finding the right commercial property for sale in the location you’re looking for isn’t as easy as it seems. When you enlist the help of an experienced real estate agent, you gain access to new construction and lots of land that aren’t even on the market yet. When you partner with us, we’ll be able to scope out the areas of New Jersey and Pennsylvania that will best suit your investment property needs. 

Contact us if you are looking to buy commercial real estate in Robbinsville, NJ, or any of the following areas: -Bucks County: Newtown, Lower Makefield, Upper Makefield, Washington Crossing, Yardley -Burlington County: Chesterfield -Ocean County: Jackson -Mercer County: East Windsor, Hamilton, Hopewell, Lawrenceville, Pennington, Princeton, Robbinsville, West Windsor -Middlesex County: Cranbury, Monroe -Monmouth County: Millstone, Upper Freehold Let’s work together to find the commercial property that’s right for you. Contact us today by calling (609) 757-9647 .

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