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Jennifer Figueroa


Jennifer Figueroa


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As an accomplished Human Resource representee, Jennifer observed the world through creative eyes, sensed nuances and appreciated both form and function. Hers was a position requiring perseverance, tenacity and negotiation, and communication skills, and to go above and beyond as she worked with diverse employees. Today, as a real estate professional, she is bringing those same skills and talents to an equally broad spectrum of discriminating clients.

A focused listener, able advisor and fierce yet fair advocate, Jennifer is known for her intuition and diligence while employing encouragement and genuine concern as she creates a positive experience for both sides in any property transaction. Her business approach is direct and successful: she listens to the client’s needs and matches them to the right property, then ensures an honest and efficient transaction.

Jennifer’s mantra, to be in touch and stay in touch, is the key to her long-term relationships with her clients, and that same philosophy permeates her philanthropic life. She loves trips to the Caribbean to view the world in different aspects of life, she also works for the State of New Jersey and is a licensed Notary.

A mother of two young children, Jennifer is a Central Jersey native in love with the cultural, recreational and social opportunities New Jersey provides

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