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Originally from New Jersey, Jessica Renard never ceases to discover more about it. As a homeowner within Burlington and Mercer, Jessica has come to know various extents of both counties as well as their closest neighbors, and she grew up in the equally distinct Monmouth-Ocean region. This makes for a relatable coverage region that intersects across many area interests and that aims for helpful insights on what most matters for your market needs.

Jessica’s always deeply cared about people, translating this to focused customer priorities and desired outcomes across community categories. It also means your end goals are kept well in sight while caring for the details so crucial to realizing a successful transition, one best serving your gleaned priorities. Clients striving to determine their home goals, those with devoutly defined goals in place, and those navigating the medley of factors to track their worthwhile goals have a trustworthy ear and mindful heart in the care of Jessica.

Jessica is also a mom, avid nature and outdoors enthusiast, semi-obsessed with gardens and gardening, and big on education, activities, and healthy communities.

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