Team Sharif Sells NJ and PA

Mentorships with Sharif Hatab

Sharif is Part of the #1 Real Estate coaching company in the team-building space and the fastest-growing coaching company in the industry.

Sharif Hatab provides mentorship through the excellent Club Wealth Program. Sharif is a natural-born entrepreneur and has worked hard to expand his all-star team of real estate agents to better serve his clients. Sharif has over 15 years of experience as a listing agent and buyer’s agent for both residential and commercial real estate in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

In addition to being an award-winning real estate agent, Sharif also has personal investments in real estate. He focuses those investments on rentals and house flipping and enjoys sharing the knowledge he’s acquired over the years with his clients who are looking to do the same.

He enjoys traveling with his family and speaks Arabic fluently.

Grow Your Real estate Sales to new heights

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