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Nia Fox

Nia Fox is a businesswoman from Philadelphia, PA. She is an entrepreneur, and previously a sales executive with experience in the medical field, the e-commerce sector, and, of course, real estate. With an extensive & strong background in the sales field, she has gained major accomplishments including Million Dollar Club, President’s Club Rep of the Year as well-being a part of the President’s Round Table. She earned her Bachelors degree from the College of Health and Human Development at Penn State University. Her field of study is Human Development and Family Studies. Having worked in the medical field, Nia refined her “bedside manners.” As a result, she carried over her skill set to the business world, including the Philadelphia real estate investment business.

Nia possesses the know-how to connect with individuals on such a deep empathetic level. She tirelessly discovers the best personalized solutions to solve the needs of those who seek her assistance. Nia is well known to be an all around “people person” with great customer relations experience. Her main goal is to connect with her clients and business partners to ensure they receive the best support and care possible.

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