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Tips to Refresh Your Home Prior To Selling

Revitalize your home

No matter how well it’s maintained, every home can eventually use some sprucing up from time to time. You may want to refresh your home’s overall look to try something new and different or to replace or repair worn-out furniture. You may want to change elements that simply aren’t working for you any longer or even renovate to make your home more marketable if you sell in the future.

These are all excellent reasons to revive and refresh your home, especially when the continued influence of the pandemic still has people spending more time working from home than ever before.

There are two major elements to consider in transforming your domestic environment: the furniture that contributes so much to both its feel and functionality, and more general improvements—both minor and major—that can affect your property’s value.

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Reviving Your Furniture

So much of the character and lived experience of a home depends on furniture. If your furniture is nearing the end of its lifespan, has suffered damage, or is beginning to look run down, it can have a real impact on your quality of life. If you don’t want to throw out your furniture, you can revive it with furniture upholstery services.

Start by researching companies in your area online (a search term like “furniture upholstery shops near me” will lead you to local pros), reading customer reviews, and getting word-of-mouth opinions from people you know who’ve used these services. Once you’ve chosen a company, you can set up a meeting to get a quote.

The amount it will cost to reupholster or otherwise repair your furniture depends on its type. An individual dining chair might run between $40 and $60 per item. A large couch could cost from $1,200 to $3,500 to repair. Besides the size of the items, cost can be influenced by the type of fabric involved and whether anything needs to be custom-designed.

Refreshing Your Home’s Look

Making improvements to your home can brighten up and refresh your environment. It can also make a genuine difference to your property value if you take the right approach. If you’d like to see higher values on your house, the key in approaching improvements is to focus on what will make a difference to buyers.

That can mean small changes like a fresh coat of paint or windows and doors updated to look more on-trend than what your home currently has. There are also larger improvements that can have an impact, although contrary to popular myth, swimming pools and major kitchen remodels are not among them (although a minor kitchen remodel might be). Some of the most valuable improvements include garage door replacements, stone veneers, fiber-cement siding, and vinyl windows and siding.

When you’re making improvements with your home’s value in view, it’s important to take before-and-after photos—which are a great way to impress and motivate buyers—and to keep your receipts for those changes. 

Best Practices for Sprucing Up Your Home

When reviving and refreshing the appearance and comfort of your home, start with a clear idea of your goal. Do your homework on any companies and contractors you plan to work with—particularly in furniture repair, where there are so many possible variables to deal with—and decide carefully which specific improvements will yield positive value for your property.

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