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Virtual Real Estate

Virtual Real Estate

THe future is Virtual Real Estate

In today’s market, you have to adapt to constantly changing conditions. With the evolving spread of COVID-19, we have taken precautionary measures as realtors to conduct the safest real estate business possible. Following CDC guidelines and daily updates from the National Association of Realtors is the best option we have to navigate through these challenging times. As a result, virtual real estate is booming, and the current go-to best option for marketing your property.

Benefits of Virtual Real Estate

Restrictions regarding open houses and showings in today’s market as a result of social distancing this option has made virtual real estate walk-throughs a proven winner. Take a private walk-through of your potential new home via FaceTime, Zoom, Google Meet, or Skype. Our team will be able to answer all of your questions as if you were right there beside us viewing the property. The virtual one-on-one walk-through is a more intimate virtual viewing of the property!

Virtual Real Estate Services

Drone Photography

Drone photography has been utilized for years in the real estate industry. With drone photography, the buyer gets a bird’s eye view with video and stills of the home and the neighborhood, allowing them to visit the location virtually.

Virtual Walk-Through

Virtual walk-throughs are great because it’s a video that takes you through the home and highlights all of the selling points. Buyers and sellers alike enjoy this option as it summarizes all the benefits of a property while walking you through the home via a video.

Virtual One-on-One Showings

Let us virtually walk you through a property without being there!  Using various forms of technology like facetime and Facebook messenger we can help you tour a property as a first showing or for a sight on seen offer. 

360 Degrees Photos

Some of the best feedback with marketing real estate virtually always involves 360 pictures. When marketing a property on social media and other compatible mediums, we like to use 360 photos to show the buyer what the listing looks like as if you were there.

Virtual 360 Models

The newest addition to the Virtual Real Estate package is the 3D 360 model of the home. The cutting–edge technology allows the buyer to view a 3D model of the inside of the listing and then take a tour throughout using 360 technologies. Buyers even have the option of wearing VR glasses and actually walking through the home.

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