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Vastu shastra

What is Vastu and Why is it Important While Buying a House?

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of architecture and buildings that promotes wealth, prosperity, and happiness. There are three main principles that are fundamental: Bhogadyam (functionality), Sukha Darsham (visually pleasing aesthetics), and Ramya (the user delight). 

According to Vastu, east, north, and northeast-facing homes are auspicious, or conducive to success. This stems from the fact that the north direction is dedicated to Kuber, the God of wealth. 

Best Vastu Orientations

For the house to bring the most success and prosperity, the entire house should be Vastu-compliant. This is where the rooms in the home should be located for that to happen.

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Important Vastu Tips for Homes to Remember

According to Vastu, a house’s entrance is the most important place in the house. This should be facing east to attract success or north for prosperity. Additionally, the north direction of the home should be open and not blocked as the north direction is known for its prosperity. 

When it comes to the main bedroom, in addition to being in the southwest direction, you should sleep in the south direction. It’s best to have a clutter-free room, especially where you lay your head. For children’s bedrooms, they should be located in the northwest direction of the house and free from loud colors. 

The living room is meant for entertaining and inviting guests, so it must make a good first impression. So first things first, make sure it is free of clutter. A clean space is more welcoming than one with lots of clutter. Electronics and appliances such as air conditioners should reside in the southeast section of the room and heavy furniture should be kept in the west or southwest direction of the room. If you have multiple chairs in the living room, be sure that there are an even number of them. 

If you are looking to buy a home in Mercer County, NJ, then you want to ensure that you are keeping Vastu tips in mind when looking for properties. When you work with Team Sharif Sells, we can help to make sure you see homes that are Vastu-compliant if that is something you are interested in. Contact our team today.

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