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Getting Your Home Ready to Show Buyers

Get Ready for Homebuyers

Homeowners, it’s time to get your house in prime condition and ready for potential buyers. So grab your mop and bucket, cleaning clothes, and a vacuum cleaner. Prepare yourself for decluttering, and step outside and look at how you can improve your home’s curb appeal.

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Curb Appeal

Whether it’s for live viewing or photos, making the outside of your home appealing to potential buyers is equally as important as preparing the inside. The most common curb appeal projects include updating the front door and tidying up the lawn. While these steps are essential, some of the following unique ideas can further enhance curb appeal.

  • Porch furniture. By placing stylish patio furniture on the porch, you can set the expectations of what buyers can expect inside the property. Viewers can also rest here while getting a sense of the neighborhood. 
  • Dress up tedious concrete steps. If the steps leading up to your house scream “boring,” dress them up with paint to resemble bricks. 
  • Build an arbor. An arbor adorned with vined greenery or flowers at the base of your walkway is a fantastic way to spruce up your curb appeal.
  • Add some shutters. Shutters are easy to build. If you wish, you can paint them a different color than the rest of the house so they appear more prominent. 
  • Tree bench. If you have a large tree in your front yard and want to enhance its appeal, build a tree bench around it.

Decluttering and Organizing

Too much clutter in your home can make it look small and cramped—declutter before inviting buyers inside. You can vacuum the carpets or mop the floors as you move furniture around. Store large and small items in colorful containers to keep your things organized during the entire moving process. Now’s the time to organize your home office as well. Tie up loose cables, keep your desk clean, and toss out anything you no longer need.

Upgrades to Increase Sale Potential

Before you go to the market, you’ll want to ensure your home looks its best. Let your walls tell a story by adding elegant and attractive wallpaper. You can try natural woven grasscloth wallpaper with its sleek design, rich tactile feel, and sumptuous finish. With peel-and-stick wallpaper, you’ll be able to reposition easily, and it’s also removable. 

Remove Bad-Smelling Odors

It’s essential to deal with any unpleasant odors before showing your home. Trash cans are a primary culprit but you can quickly deal with the smell by sprinkling some baking soda inside or using a deodorizing pack or pod. You can eliminate odors coming from the refrigerator by storing an open box of baking soda inside. Adding an under-cabinet range hood that vents unpleasant odors, grease, and smoke from your kitchen is another way to ensure the air in your home is pleasant and clean.

Get It Right

Get it right, and you increase your chances of a quick sale. A house that smells fresh, is clutter-free, and looks impressive on the inside and out will have buyers falling over themselves to make an offer.  

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