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How Much Is Your Home Really Worth?


Homebuyers everywhere are questioning the wisdom of their purchase in light of current economic changes. Can they buy now, or would it be wiser to wait? Bob Broeksmit, President and CEO of the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), weighs in on this important decision-making process for prospective homeowners.

“The desire for homeownership is strong. Many prospective buyers are waiting for the volatility in mortgage rates to subside, as well as for a clearer picture of the economic outlook.”

Think Long Term For Future Gains

Homeownership can be an invaluable asset for building net worth over time, though it’s all too easy to overlook in comparison with 401(k)s and other investments. Understanding the benefits of homeownership is key if you’re a younger homebuyer, as Bloomberg notes: “it’s important to consider not just what’s happening today but also what rewards could come from investing in your future through owning real estate.” Investing now means potential financial gain later; take steps towards realizing those gains by understanding how ownership pays off!

“Millennials have higher average 401(k) balances than Generation X did when they were the same age, but they’re not any better off financially. . . . A lot of that has to do with being less likely to own a home.”

From the data that Bloomberg provides, it is evident that owning a home can be extraordinarily beneficial in significantly increasing wealth over time. According to their analysis of seniors aged 65 and older, those who own homes have an advantage even when incomes are similar – the gap between them and renters is substantial!

Homeownership is an important step for creating wealth and setting yourself up for success in the future. When it comes to making decisions about housing, you can choose between investing in yourself – or opting instead to fund someone else’s dreams. Put simply: what are you willing to do today that will have a positive impact on your tomorrow?

Bottom Line

Now is the ideal time to chat with us and ensure you’re making an informed decision regarding your homeownership plans. Get expert advice on how to best invest in both existing and future conditions, so that you can move forward with confidence! Reach out today!

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